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At Savy Assist, our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities by providing them with the latest assistive technology and resources. We understand that everyone's needs are unique, so we offer a wide range of tools and solutions to cater to different disabilities and accessibility requirements. Here's how Savy Assist can empower you:

1. Screen readers for the visually impaired: We offer a curated selection of the best screen readers available. These software applications use synthetic speech to read aloud the content on your computer screen, making it accessible to individuals with visual impairments. Whether you're browsing the web, reading emails, or using applications, screen readers can help you navigate and interact with digital content effectively.

2. One-handed keyboards: For individuals with limited mobility or those who have lost the use of one hand, we recommend one-handed keyboards. These keyboards are designed to be compact and ergonomic, allowing you to type efficiently with just one hand. With a one-handed keyboard, you can regain your independence and continue to use computers and mobile devices effectively.

3. Speech-to-text software: Our collection of speech-to-text software is particularly beneficial for individuals with physical disabilities or those who struggle with typing. These applications convert spoken words into written text, allowing you to dictate emails, documents, and messages with ease. Whether you have limited hand mobility or dyslexia, speech-to-text software can significantly enhance your productivity and communication.

4. Accessible web design: We understand the importance of inclusive web design. Our website provides valuable resources and guidance on how to create accessible websites that comply with web accessibility standards. By implementing accessible web design principles, you can ensure that your website is usable and navigable for individuals with disabilities, providing them with equal access to information and services.

5. Mobile apps for disabilities: We also feature a selection of mobile apps specifically designed for individuals with disabilities. These apps cover a wide range of needs, including communication, education, productivity, and entertainment. From speech-to-text apps to assistive communication tools, our mobile app recommendations can help you make the most of your smartphone or tablet.

At Savy Assist, we are committed to empowering individuals with disabilities by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in today's digital world. We believe that everyone deserves equal access to technology and the opportunities it brings. Explore our website to discover the best assistive technology solutions, accessible web design practices, and mobile apps tailored to your needs. Together, let's create a more inclusive and accessible future.

Arthur Padberg
UX design, accessibility, user research

Arthur is a seasoned UX designer and an authority in the field of accessibility consultancy. With a proven track record of collaborating with a multitude of companies, he has significantly enhanced the accessibility of their products. Arthur is driven by a fervor for crafting user experiences that are all-embracing and inclusive.